The crime of violating private life via e-mail

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The growing use of modern technological technologies and their occupation is a large part of the activity and movement of individuals in developed and developing countries, as an example of this is the use of e-mail, as it has become used as a means to stimulate economic and commercial operations as well as its use by various government sectors and individuals, and therefore this development has been accompanied by the emergence of a new type of crime Touches on e-mail, as the development reflected from the perpetration of crime in its traditional limited form to the developed and developed type of crime. Therefore, it was necessary to provide criminal protection for private life from e-mail crimes, as criminal protection is the most prominent form of legal protection. The legislative deficiency in dealing with cybercrime and the increase in its commission significantly increased this issue reflected on the stability of society and disturbing its security, but more than that is a violation of the personal life of individuals through e-mail and this matter cannot be tolerated or ignored, so the majority of countries have moved towards enacting penal legislation to confront That type of crime is being developed. On the other hand, there are still some countries that have not joined the ranks of countries that have put in place legislation to confront that type of crime, including Iraq. We have found through the research that the traditional texts do not help confronting this type of crime, so that these texts have been developed to address traditional crimes in a specific normal and geographical environment while e-mail crimes are committed in an electronic environment that does not recognize the geographical borders of countries and this matter entails many things The most important of them is that the interpretation of texts should not be expanded, because they are governed by the principle of the legality of crimes and penalties.