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  • Potential sources of information for the fire

    Crime Scene

    مصادر المعلومات المحتملة للحريق Potential sources of information for the fire

  • Fire investigations

    Crime Scene

    Before starting to inspect the fire scene, the investigator needs to consider the objectives he is trying to achieve. A helpful way to do this is by using the Five Question Question (WH): How did

  • Criminal Investigator

    Crime Scene

    Legislative procedures by the criminal investigator to discover the crime and its perpetrator by collecting evidence and evidence that prove the perpetrator’s relationship to the crime and then

  • National Day 48


    In the UAE, more than 200 nationalities live in one community.

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    The law of wadima

    From your point of view or personal experience, how abuse can affect Firefighters or hurt them for their future lives, their behavior in society? To put your point on email: